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The beautiful town of Krems Austria

Krems is a beautiful town along the Donau river in Austria. One can go there aside from going by car, one can go by boat or by train from Vienna. Pablo Bisqu...

Austria, Melk to Krems Bike Trip

This gives you an idea of what it's like to ride the 24 mile meandering bike trail from Melk to Krems, Austria. The trail take you through small, quaint vill...

Juliet S. in Krems Austria

Juliet visits krems, a very nicetown along the Danube river in Austria. Photography & Slideshow: Pablo Bisquera.

The Wachau, from Krems to Ybbs - Austria HD Travel Channel

The Wachau -- from Krems to Ybbs English see below Ausgehend von Krems kommt man entlang der Bundesstraße Richtung Westen nach Dü...

Krems an der Donau Austria

See this very beautiful town!

I ride a moped in Krems Austria

Manuel, Lena's boyfriend lets me drive and ride on his moped.

Korean Air Sound Tour, Austria, Krems, Duernstein Castle(Korean)

Korean Air Sound Tour, Austria, Krems, Duernstein Castle.

Traismauer bei Krems, Niederösterreich - Austria HD Travel Channel

English see below [dt.] Traismauer, eine Gemeinde in Niederösterreich, liegt 15 km südöstlich von Krems in der Wachau. Nach dem Niedergang der römischen Kult...

Brantner Walter GmbH - Krems, Austria


Hotel Zum goldenen Engel Krems Wachau Austria Familie Ehrenreich

Hotel Zum goldenen Engel Krems Wachau Austria Familie Ehrenreich.

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