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kelly austria - rocky mountains

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A tour of some popular spots in the Canadian Rockies, chief among them are Banff National Park in the Province of Alberta and Yoho National Park in the Provi...

UNESCO World Heritage: Canadian Rocky Mountain - Emerald Lake Yoho National Park from the Air

Music: Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 Andante UNESCO World Heritage: Canadian Rocky Mountain - Emerald Lake Yoho National Park from the Air Aerial footage film...

Rocky Mountain National Park: Lake Verna

Rocky Mountain National Park has become one of my favorite places nearby to backpack at. I recently headed to the west side of the park to explore Lake Verna...

Driving from Frisco in the Rocky Mountains to Englewood, Colorado

starting out along Interstate 70 and going toward downtown Denver.

GoPro Crazy Canada Rocky Mountain Edit: Filmed in Alberta and British Columbia

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All filmed on a GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition, except for 2 short clips (0:28-0:33) and (1:11-1:13) Message me if you want to know where the places are. This i...

Downhill Skate HD - Rocky Mountain High

Downhill shredding in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, with Kyle Wester, Malachi Greene, Hayden Conroy, Max Myers, Brian Cortright, and Kevin Herring... Song: ...

Rocky Mountain Institute and the model of residential efficiency

Rocky Mountain Institute PR manager Cory Lowe explains RMI's mission and the systems behind the house in Snowmass, Colorado, where its founder, Amory Lovins,...

Nock Mountains (Nockberge) Untouched Green Island in a Sea of Stone: Austria's oldest landscape

Spared by the ice-age, overlooked by an expanding civilisation for hundreds of years, saved at the last minute from a total sell out to tourism - that is the...

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