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Tennis star Maria Sharapova visits UNDP youth projects in Belarus - Day 1

On day one of her visit (30 June) UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Maria Sharapova visited a number of youth projects that her Foundation has helped fund, including ...

Goodwill Ambassador Maria Sharapova visit to Belarus

Tennis champion, Maria Sharapova, arrived here today to visit children living in areas affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster and to see for herself...

Il Presidente Galli Incontra i piccoli ospiti Bielorussi.Servizio By sienamonza30

Questa mattina Venerdi 5 Agosto 2011 il Presidente della Provincia di Varese ha ospitato a Villa Recalcati 31 bambini Bielorussi, che ancora oggi riportano p...


المسيحية العربية القرآن الكريم Christian Arabic Qur'an WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD ------...

"Вечно молодой, вечно пьяный party" promo BY JSV

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"Вечно молодой, вечно пьяный party" : Elgato promotion: Видео:

-Не оставайся дома party- BY JSV

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