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Belarusian Written Language Day in Glubokoye

The Belarusian Written Language Day is traditionally held in towns considered Belarus' cultural, scientific, and book-publishing centers. Glubokoye District boasts remarkable cultural, historical...

Glubokoe, town in northwestern Belarus

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Видео города Глубокого смотрите на A video from Hlybokaje, a town in northwestern Belarus. Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson "Tainted Love."

[OIRT] 27Aug13 Radio Rossii, Glubokoye, Russia 70.01

Received via sporadic-E. Distance 2002 Km.


Director: Yuliya Gonchar, Newsman/Writer: Yevgeniy Pustovoy, Director of Photography: Alexey Krisa Maker: TV Channel "Belarus 1", TV Infoservice (ATN)

24Jul13 R Rossii, Glubokoye, Russia 70.01

OIRT. Received via sporadic-E. Distance 2002 Km.

Glubokoe - Глыбокае.avi

Глыбокае - на рацэ Бярозаўка, вядомае з 1514 года: паўднева-усходняя частка належыла магнатам Зяновічам і...

Инвестиционная деятельность Глубокского района

Инвестиционная деятельность Глубокского района. Более подробно в статье

Лида, Беларусь 2011 TimeLapse. / Lida, Belarus 2011 TimeLapse.

Город Лида. Belarus likes - лучшее о Беларуси ВКонтакте: Instagram: Youtube:

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