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Хаты́нь - Khatyn, Belarus

The haunting memorial to three million Belarusians died during the Second World War. On March 22, 1943, the entire population of Khatyn village was massacred...

Belarus Khatyn Беларусь мемориальный комплекс Хатынь.mp4

Беларусь, мемориальный комплекс времен Великой Отечественной войны Хатынь, октябрь 2012.

Khatyn - Belarus

National Memorial Complex , Remembering the Horrors and Tragedy of 618 villages that were brutally butchered during World War 2 en 1943. It is said that duri...

Anathema - Violence - Khatyn - Хатынь

Khatyn was a village in Belarus, the population of which was massacred during World War II. The inhabitants were driven into a shed, which was set on fire. T...

Chatyn - Khatyn - Хатынь (Belarus - Беларусь)

Die Glocken schlagen jede Viertel Minute. The bells beat every quarter minute. Колокола бьют каждую четверть минуту.


A visit in May 2012 to the Khatyn memorial in Belarus. Dedicated to the 2.23 Million Belarusians who were killed during the Second World War. Most of them we...

Visit to Khatyn Memorial near Minsk in Belarus October 2003

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Visit to Khatyn Memorial near Minsk in Belarus October 2003.

Chatyn - Khatyn - Хатынь (Belarus - Беларусь)

Zum Andenken an 2'230'000 umgekommene Einwohner von Belarus — an jeden vierten... In commemoration to 2'230'000 died inhabitants of Belarus - every fourth on...


Dağcılık Federasyonu Antalya Eski İl temsilcisi Kemal Güneş 2011 yılı haziran ayında Beyaz Rusya(Belarus)'a gezi yaptı; ekteki videoda, gezide gitmiş olduğu ...

Хатынь Khatyn

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"You will not find this small Belorussian village on any of the most detailed geographic map today. It was destroyed by fascists in spring 1943. Khatyn, a fo...

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