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Хаты́нь - Khatyn, Belarus

The haunting memorial to three million Belarusians died during the Second World War. On March 22, 1943, the entire population of Khatyn village was massacred...

Chatyn - Khatyn - Хатынь (Belarus - Беларусь)

Zum Andenken an 2'230'000 umgekommene Einwohner von Belarus — an jeden vierten... In commemoration to 2'230'000 died inhabitants of Belarus - every fourth on...

Chatyn - Khatyn - Хатынь (Belarus - Беларусь)

Die Glocken schlagen jede Viertel Minute. The bells beat every quarter minute. Колокола бьют каждую четверть минуту.

Visit to Khatyn Memorial near Minsk in Belarus October 2003

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Visit to Khatyn Memorial near Minsk in Belarus October 2003.


Dağcılık Federasyonu Antalya Eski İl temsilcisi Kemal Güneş 2011 yılı haziran ayında Beyaz Rusya(Belarus)'a gezi yaptı; ekteki videoda, gezide gitmiş olduğu ...

Khatyn - Belarus

National Memorial Complex , Remembering the Horrors and Tragedy of 618 villages that were brutally butchered during World War 2 en 1943. It is said that duri...

Мемориальный комплекс Хатынь в Белоруссии (Memorial Khatyn in Belarus)

Интересные места Белоруссии Недвижимости в Белорусси

Хатынь Khatyn

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"You will not find this small Belorussian village on any of the most detailed geographic map today. It was destroyed by fascists in spring 1943. Khatyn, a fo...

Anathema - Violence - Khatyn - Хатынь

Khatyn was a village in Belarus, the population of which was massacred during World War II. The inhabitants were driven into a shed, which was set on fire. T...


A visit in May 2012 to the Khatyn memorial in Belarus. Dedicated to the 2.23 Million Belarusians who were killed during the Second World War. Most of them we...

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