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Kobrin - my heimat

  • Length: 9:35
  • View Count: 3724
  • Author: Rahvalod

Photo presentation of my home town in south-west Belarus. All pictures I made at the end of december 2006 - beginning of january 2007.

"Давно погасли огни" performed in Kobrin, Belarus

song "Давно погасли огни" performed by youth from Kobrin, Belarus.

SPOT KOBRIN TV (BELARUS) - Christian Guanella - ролик.mpg

SPOT KOBRIN TV (BELARUS) - Christian Guanella.

Belarus President pays working visit to Brest Region today

In the limelight is spring field work and development of import substitution industries. The Head of the State has visited the agricultural production cooper...


For English summary please scroll down У горадзе Кобрыне прайшлі спаборніцтвы сярод школьнікаў па зборы пластыкавых бутэлек. Толькі за адзін дзень школьнікі ...

Ostriches in winter - Kobrin ostrich farm

Ostrich farm, Kozische, kobrin, Brest region, Republic of Belarus.

Kobrin Sketches: Snowless New Year Eve/Кобринские зарисовки

The film was shot on 30 December 2011 at ponds near Mukhavets river in Kobrin, Belarus. I was practically snowless - rather unusual. In January 2012 the weat...

Funny sheep - Kobrin ostrich farm

Ostrich farm, Kozische, Kobrin, Brest region, Republic of Belarus.

Visit to Chernyany Belarus Aug 3, 1991

In August of 1991 Charlotte, Robert, David, and Jackie (Ponsky) Goldberg visited Chernyany, Divin, and Kobrin Belarus. This video is of the Chernyany part of...

Kobrin Concert - Happy Birthday Jesus

Kobrin Concert Last song, called Happy Birthday Jesus Belarus, Baranovici.

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