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Krugloye, Belarus: Mass Murder of the Jews

Khonya Epshteyn, born in 1928 in Shepelevichi, Belarus, testifies about the murder operations against the Jews that were carried out in Krugloye. Epshteyn re...

Shout Out | Zinaida Abramovna | We Were Betrayed Just Once in Nazi Belarus

Welcome to our weekly podcast of Jewish stories of faith from doubters to doctors to the devoutly Orthodox. We release a new, incredible life journey each Mo...

Glusk, Belarus: Mass Murder of the Jews

Serafima Kur, born in 1922 in Glusk, Belarus, testifies about the roundups and mass murder of the town's Jews, and about hiding with family members in a wine...

Glusk, Belarus: Reburial of Holocaust Victims

Galina Gelfer, born in 1927 in Glusk, Belarus, testifies about the mass murder of the Jews in the town, and about the discovery of mass graves of Jewish vict...

Belarus Team Training in Genova 2006

I don't own this video It was made by fantastic girl called Purple :)

Gorki Belarus: Mass Murder of the Jews

Alla Zaidman, born in 1930 in Gorki, Belarus, testifies about the murder operation against the Jews in the town. For more details, click here: http://www1.ya...

JEWS.BY Первый Шаббат Онлайн Минск Shabbat online MInsk/Belarus 09/11/2012

  • Length: 66:16
  • View Count: 233
  • Author: Jewsby

Первый в истории Беларуси Онлайн Каббалат Шаббат в синагоге Бэйт Симха 09.11.2012 The first belarusian on-line Kabbalat Shabbat in Beith Simha 09.11.2012.

An Interview with a Jewish refugee from Belarus

Raisa Moroz is a Jewish refugee from Belarus. She came to the US 16 years ago with her husband and 2 small children. She now lives in Tucson, AZ. This interv...

The Mass Murder of Lipen's Jews (Belarus)

Vladimir Kasperskii, who lived in Lipen during WWII, testifies about the murder of the Jews, who were locked in a house which was then burned down. For more ...

RG WC groups, Finals - team of Belarus, R+H

RG World Cup for groups, Finals, Israel, 27 august 2011.

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