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Поющий фонтан, г. Жлобин, Республика Беларусь / Singing Fountain, Zhlobin, Belarus

Поющий фонтан в городе Жлобине, гордость города, хоть и работает по праздникам!) Singing Fountain in Zhlobin, the pride of the city, though it works on holid...

Elnur: Zhlobin, Belarus

Парни простите за качество...

НЛО/UFO Belarus, Zhlobin 17.03.2012

НЛО в Жлобине 17.03.2012.

03Aug13 BR Radyjo Stalitsa, Zhlobin, Belarus 71.81

OIRT. Received via sporadic-E. Distance 2063 Km.

Hotel Zhlobin, Zhlobin, Belarus

Belarus Hotels - Zhlobin Hotels - Hotel Zhlobin. Our Website:

FM-DX (OIRT) Reception of Gomel FM 68,45MHz from Zhlobin/Belarus in Berlin/Germany (1121km)

Receiver: USB DVB-T-Stick (RTL2838+R820T) with dipole antenna (indoor) Software; SDR# (SDR-Sharp) v1.0.0.1279 Date: June 2nd 2014, 16:46CEST Distance from re...

Street Workout Zhlobin 2013 Убилей 50 элементом на турнике

Street Workout Belarus(Zhlobin) 2013 Юбилей 50 элементов на турнике! Исполнитель : Редактировал видео:

Belarus and surroundings traveler photos - TripAdvisor TripWow - Tour of Belarus created at TripWow by TravelPod (a TripAdvisorâ„¢ company) TripAdvisorâ„¢ Tr...

2014-03-15 HC Neman Hrodna vs HC Metalurh Zhlobin. Semifinal. Neman players thank their fans

2014-03-15 HC Neman Hrodna vs HC Metalurh Zhlobin, The 2nd Semifinal game in Hrodna, Belarus. Hrodna hockey players thank their fans after the macth.

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