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Longjing tea (Dragon Well tea) plantations in Hangzhou

Longjing tea (Dragon Well tea) plantations in Hangzhou.

Dragon Well Tea Plantation- Hangzhou

  • Length: 0:48
  • View Count: 519
  • Author: jen19lyn

Tootles talks about the tea plantation and how we were lead astray.

Hangzhou Dragon Well tea village 梅家坞

  • Length: 0:11
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  • Author: Irene Eng

Aug 2, 2011 -

Long Jing - A Sárkány kútja - The Dragon well - 龙井茶

Hangzhou városában Kínában található a sárkány kútja melyről a híres Long Jing zöldtea kapta a nevét . Teszteltük! Jártunk az igazi Sárkány kútnál Hangzhouba...

Hangzhou, China - Village of Dragon Well Tea

Guilin Tea Research Institute Tea Plantation in Guilin, China

This is the Guilin Tea Research Institute Tea Plantation in Guilin, Guangxi, China. More info:

Exploring the Tea Gardens of China

A visual journey through the making of Chinese tea. Footage made possible by the Fulbright Fellowship. Scenes from Laoshan, Yuluzirun Plantation, Longjing Vi...

Dragon Well Green Tea

  • Length: 20:52
  • View Count: 742
  • Author: Irene Lin

Dragon Well green tea, the crown of Chinese teas is only produced near beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou. It is meticulously prepared from the tender leaves by...

"Beautiful Tea Plantation"

  • Length: 2:39
  • View Count: 38
  • Author: ive S

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. After water, tea is the ...

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