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WHO: Ebola Outbreak Response in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

On the 24th August the World Health Organization was notified of a further outbreak of the Ebola virus which had been detected in an extremely remote area of...

RAINFOREST' BRIDGE, Tshuapa, Congo RDC, Africa-Carlo Grossi.

A humanitarian vehicle transporting medicines is crossing a river bridge in the Congo RDC forest.

Tshuapa forest, Equateur, Congo RDC, Africa. Carlo Grossi

This is the way to cross small rivers in the forest when there are bridges and a very weak pavement is there...most of the times log bridges only available.

PEFA Aidini Abala (TSHUAPA) 2001

  • Length: 143:46
  • View Count: 593
  • Author: FEPACO MK

Saving the Congo Basin Forests - A story of the Congo Basin people's fight to save the rainforest

40 min film - Ndima ( meaning forest in Bayaka Language) - Twitter @LuisLeitao71 and @RFUK 13th of Octobre 2013 on the community channel UK - 10 pm then, 22:...

Pygmies of the Congo

  • Length: 4:39
  • View Count: 37080
  • Author: BobCitron

Mbuti pymies in the Ituri rainforest, Congo, filmed by Bob Citron in 1964.

Cooking in the Congo

Beatrice Ananga from Minwoho, Cameroon, demonstrates how to whip up a tasty dish of okok - a popular forest product in the Congo Basin. To learn more, and fo...

Morning in Mampoko.m4v

A journey up the Lulonga River in the Democratic Republic of Congo, an overnight stay in the village of Mampoko, and several other activities in Mbandaka. Pa...

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