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school project and mal nutrition( for more infromation

  • Length: 9:1
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  • Author: gabkul


Children are unable to pay for schooling; the school project will help the children. Now imagine those schools with no supplies, no chalk, no pencils, no pap...

Donation at Bon Berger clinical Center / RDC CONGO

  • Length: 10:29
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  • Author: gabkul


The hospital did not even have a single thermometer, armed robbers had set up their base in some of the buildings and there was human excrement everywhere," ...

Donation at Walikale Hospital in Congo RDC , for more information

  • Length: 5:38
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  • Author: gabkul


We believe that health for all people is only possible in a global society where the guiding principles are sharing, mutual assistance, and respect for cultu...

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