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Guantanamo Cuba - Caminando en el Centro

Guantanamo Cuba - Caminando en el Centro.

Gitmo - A documentary on Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

A documentary showing the consequences fo choices made by western forces to create guantanamo bay detention center and the useless intelligence that leads to...

Inside Guantanamo - Cuba

March 2007 Following last year's suicides, security has been stepped up at Guantanamo. The most dangerous prisoners are kept in the high security wing, Camp ...

guantanamo bay cuba naval base

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  • Author: ryans77

my dad was stationed in GTMO from 91 till 94, and every body wants to know what it was like so i made this video thanks goes out to Danielle for the pics.

Guantanamo City Cuba

Trike ride through the streets of Guantanamo.

guantanamo cuba

Guantanamo Cuba Parque Marti, El Bulevar

Guantanamo Cuba - Plaza del Mercado

Guantanamo Cuba - Plaza del Mercado.

Guantanamo City Cuba 2013

Guantánamo: La Frontera de la Muerte

"Guantánamo: La Frontera de la Muerte" es el tercer documental lanzado por Palenque Visión, el proyecto audio-visual de la Alianza Democrática Oriental. Es u...

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