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Herschede Hall Clock 1928 Before & After & Revere 1929 Art Deco Electric

  • Length: 3:50
  • View Count: 7310
  • Author: maynardcat

I found the Herschede at a yard sale for 5.00, and someone many years ago tried to work on it and lost parts. I thoroughly cleaned the mechanism, and made ad...

Germany: The Hanseatic City of Bremen

The City Municipality of Bremen is a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany. Many of the sights in Bremen are found in the Old Town (Altstadt). The Market sq...

Riga Sightseeing Bus Tour.m2p

Riga Sightseeing Bus Tours (HOP-on HOP-off) with multilingual audio guide - is the best way to explore the main sights and attractions of Riga City in short ...

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau or Jugendstil is an international philosophy and style of art, architecture and applied art—especially the decorative arts—that was most popular ...

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau (French pronunciation: ​[aʁ nuvo], Anglicised to /ˈɑːrt nuːˈvoʊ/; cz Secese; at. Sezession, germ. Jugendstil, eng. Modern Style) or Jugendstil is...

Art Deco Chic at Claridge's Hotel, London

Budapest: The Best of Hungary

In this program, we soak in elegance at the thermal Széchenyi Baths, stomp and slap with traditional dancers at a folk concert, visit the Communist All-Stars...

Germany Travel Guide - The Mannheim Water Tower

  • Length: 0:53
  • View Count: 1018
  • Author: geobeats

Take a tour of Mannheim's Water Tower in Mannheim, Germany -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Mannheim, Germany is ...

Prague Travel: Open Air Market in Old Town

Having grown up in Austria, I had never made it to the Czech Republic, one of our neighbouring countries. Prague, in particular, had interested me for a long...

Zwickau - Sachsen - Deutschland - J. M. Kraus

Zwickau is situated in a valley at the foot of the Erzgebirge mountains and is also part of the so-called Saxon triangle metropolitan area. The city has slig...

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