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Mercury 6 Launch KSP v20

A little more polished version of my Mercury 6 Launch in KSP v0.20. Enjoy! Using the 0.20 [FASA] - Gemini and Mercury Pack - 1.4 created by frizzank. Thanks ...

gago "el chino" plata fasa

2012 FASA Elections : : Public Relations Candidates: : Jordan Faralan

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  • Author: UWFASA

public relations.

FASA - International Night

I love these Asians.

Kevin Raskoff's FASA Presentation at MPC's Flex Days Spring 2012

Kevin Raskoff presents on the impact his Faculty and Advancement Award from the Monterey Peninsula College Foundation has in enabling to him to buy two plank...


  • Length: 0:8
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  • Author: HAMED124


UMK-FASA Course Recognition Carnival (Exclusive Behind The Scenes)

Our first ever green screen production.

CSUN FASA Kapag Apir

Performed by Yana Nues and Christine Cadiz.

1st FASA General Meeting part 1

Be on the look out for other recap videos coming soon from FASA.

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