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Fun times at Vafa Animal Shelter - Hashtgerd, Iran

Feeding & Platyime @ Vafa Animal Shelter.

A day at the Spring - Vafa Animal Shelter - Hashtgerd, Iran

Some dogs are natural swimmers, and some, well, just are not..... It was a good day to go for a walk, so when the volunteers came to the shelter on that Frid...

"Little Rascals" at Vafa Animal Shelter - Hashtgerd, Iran. Animal Shelter in Iran

VAFA Shelter is a non-governmental charity located in the town of Hashtgerd, west of Tehran, Iran. VAFA relies solely on three employees, hardworking volunte...

Vafa Shelter Dogs -Soheil & Bamdad with friends - Hashtgerd, Iran

Vafa Animal Shelter For English Text, please click on see more .. بامداد و سهیل در منزل ایلیا با هم دوست شده اند. بامداد سگ قشنگ و مهربانیست که شیطنتهای خودش...

Story of "Hero" - داستان هیرو - Vafa Animal Shelter (Hashtgerd, Iran)

Hero is a young male dog who was found by a gentleman in March roaming the Tehran Pars neighborhood of Tehran. He suffered from a poorly healed broken leg wi...

Winter @ Vafa Animal Shelter - Hashtgerd, Iran - Nov-2012

We all know that a raised wagging tail on a dog is sign of happiness. I call it the blessedness tail. The higher the tail, the more blessed the dog feels. (O...

Vafa Animal Shelter's Sohrab - Hashtgerd, Iran - Iranian Dog -

Sohrab is a massive boy! He seems to be a Sarabi and Afghan mix. He came to the shelter as an old dog with a long unknown history. For a very long time he av...

"Asal" Vafa Animal Shelter - Hashtgerd, Iran -

عسل را یادتون میاد؟ دختر قشنگمون عسل از وقتی رفته پناهگاه اخلاقش خیلی بهتر شده و مدتیه که دندوناشو برام...

timescapes hashtgerd iran

timescapes hashtgerd iran.

From Hashtgerd, Iran to Paris, France ... Meet Vafa Animal Shelter's Selena (now Rotsi)

Rotsi's Happy Ending Story:

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