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► Bazar-e Sartasari of Kerman Iran


Iran Documentary Kerman I مستند ایران کرمان قسمت اول

  • Length: 26:0
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  • Author: imashti

مستند ایران، نام مجموعهٔ تلویزیونی مستندی است که به زیبایی‌های ایران می‌پردازد. ساخت این مجموعه از سال ۱۳۸۰ آغاز شده است و تولید قسمت‌های مختلف آن هم چنان اد...

Iran | Kerman | Landscapes & Nature

  • Length: 6:14
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  • Author: IranGeo

Kerman Province (Persian: استان کرمان‎, Ostān-e Kermān ) is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. Kerman is located in the south-east of Iran with its administrat...

IRAN - Kerman

Another enchanting place in Iran is Kerman. Kerman is one of Iran's biggest provinces located in the south east, it has a very rich history. Places to visit ...

Bus departing Kerman terminal, Iran


کلیپ دیدنی از شهر کرمان.

Iran City kerman

Iran Kerman province Meymand village روستاي ميمند استان كرمان ايران

July 28, 2014 (Persian calendar 1393/5/6) Kerman province (استان كرمان) Shahr-e Babak county (شهرستان شهربابك) h...

Iran - Village of Meymand, Kerman Province.flv

  • Length: 5:52
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  • Author: chyzmyz

A village in Iran made from a network for natural and man-made caves with some 3000 years of continuous habitation and a local history of habitation that str...

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