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A Father and Son Sail Around Cape Horn, South America (1996)


Cape Horn (Dutch: Kaap Hoorn, Spanish: Cabo de Hornos; named after the city of Hoorn in the Netherlands) is the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile,...

How Lyndon Johnson and Robert Kennedy Hated Each Other (1997)


The Robert F. Kennedy presidential campaign began on March 16, 1968. Robert Francis Kennedy, a U.S. Senator from New York who won a Senate seat in 1964, faced what was widely considered an...

The Story of Boot Camp Platoon 3086, the Marine Corps and America (1997)


The Marines train about 17000 recruits at Parris Island each year. Recruit training for those enlisted in the United States Marine Corps includes a thirteen-week process during which the recruit...

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