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Kazakhstan-Arkalyk siti-1990-93

Нам лет по 18.

Arkalyk Dj Gani & Dj NuRiK 2013)

  • Length: 0:15
  • View Count: 123
  • Author: Gani Dj

Мы собрали все наши ролики и закинули в YouTube. Если у вас есть желание смотреть ролик то вот вам ссылка http://w...

Аркалык КТЛ 1993 2013г г

Аркалык КТЛ 1993-2013г.г. 20 летие Arkalyk KTHS 1993-2013yy. 20 years anniversary.

Expedition 33 Crew Receives a Warm Welcome in Kazakhstan and Russia

  • Length: 10:28
  • View Count: 9421
  • Author: NASA

Expedition 33 Commander Sunita Williams of NASA, Soyuz Commander Yuri Malenchenko and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency w...

Туган калам Аркалык (hometown Arkalyk).mp4

Сөзі - Абылайулы Нариман (Человек легенда с особой культурой). Әні - Асылбек Енсепов (Детство). Арқалық қаласына арнаймын.

Arkalyk Sity.avi

Soyuz TMA-15

  • Length: 9:11
  • View Count: 988
  • Author: Kowch737

Flight Engineer and Soyuz Commander Roman Romanenko, European Space Agency Flight Engineer Frank De Winne and Canadian Space Agency Flight Engineer Robert Th...

The Expedition 34 Crew Lands in Kazakhstan

  • Length: 8:9
  • View Count: 47
  • Author: okrajoe

The Expedition 34 Crew Lands in Kazakhstan. Expedition 34 Commander Kevin Ford and Flight Engineers Evgeny Tarelkin and Oleg Novitskiy landed their Soyuz TMA...

Soyuz capsule lands in Kazakhstan

  • Length: 1:22
  • View Count: 7634
  • Author: marthymamo

19 November 2012 Russia's Yuri Malenchenko, Sunita Williams of the US and Akihiko Hoshide of Japan touched down as scheduled just before 0200 GMT, the Russia...

oppa arkalyk style

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