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Zhanaozen Diary: Documentary on the Bloody Events in Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan / 1612 Documentary Zhanaozen Diary: Two Years Later.

Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan, Dec. 16.12.2011 protest

Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan, Dec. 16, 2011 Protest/riot/police action--unsure yet which it was.

Zhanaozen: the unknown tragedy (trailer)

On December 16, 2011 a strike of oil workers in Zhanaozen (Western Kazakhstan) that had lasted for seven months ended with a crackdown. Dozens of people were...

Ballad of Zhanaozen

  • Length: 5:18
  • View Count: 6034
  • Author: L Rafets

ballad of Zhanaozen by Laura Rafetseder:"This is a song about the oil workers' struggle in Kazachstan and the massacre in Zhanaozen by the Kazakh regime. It ...

Kazakhstan. Zhanaozen. Nazarbayev. The Nobel Prize

  • Length: 1:17
  • View Count: 464
  • Author: Internet

Kazakhstan. Nazarbayev. The Nobel Prize.

Clashes with police in Zhanaozen Kazakhstan 12/16/2011.mp4

  • Length: 1:50
  • View Count: 1775
  • Author: 666crang

Police shooting at people of Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan 12/16/2011.

Zhanaozen riot, Nazarbayev & kazakh security secretary - Tony Blair condemn oil - hooligans

Zhanaozen riot, Nazarbayev & kazakh security secretary - Tony Blair condemn Oil - hooligans.

Stop repression of Zhanaozen oil workers in Kazakhstan - 21/6/2012

Paul Murphy MEP speaks out against repression in Kazakhstan of Zhanaozen oil workers.

Kazakhstan - in memory of Zhanaozen

  • Length: 2:32
  • View Count: 717
  • Author: MPDNUT

In London, Alfia Nakipbekova plays Sarabande from Solo Cello Suite no.2 in D by JS Bach at a Cultural Commemoration on the first anniversary of the notorious...

Zhanaozen: More Blood for Oil in Kazakhstan

On December 16, 2011 police opened fire on striking oil workers in the Western Kazakhstan city of Zhanaozen, killing 12 people and wounding dozens of others....

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