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Harlem Shake @ Varėna, LITHUANIA

Visą pasaulį apskriejęs šokis ir Varėnos „Ąžuolo" gimnazijoje! SMAGAUS ŽIŪRĖJIMO :) *Famous Harlem shake dance video in our hometown! *I do not own this song.

Varėna 2013.06.24 M.K.Čiurlionio g.

Virtualus Senosios Varėnos turas / Virtual Tour of S. Varena, Lithuania pasivažinėjimas po Senąją Varėną (Varėnos raj.) / Virtual Tour of Senoji Varena, Lithuania / Виртуальный тур по Сенойи-Варена, Литва /...

Varena, Lithuania A Time Lapse Video

  • Length: 5:20
  • View Count: 156
  • Author: dborden14

Varena, Lithuania A Time Lapse Video.


Varena, Lithuania visited in April 2013. Home of the Kaliunas and Lapinauskas Families until 1945 when the remaining family members were deported to Siberia.

Driving Vilnius - Varėna (A4, Lithuania)

  • Length: 14:58
  • View Count: 145
  • Author: Gytaz

Driving from Vilnius to Varėna (mostly road A4). The video is spead up to 3.5 times the normal speed.

Virtualus Varėnos turas / Virtual Tour of Varena, Lithuania

  • Length: 11:9
  • View Count: 1523
  • Author: VietovesLt pasivažinėjimas po Varėną / Virtual Tour of Varena, Lithuania / Виртуальный тур по Варена, Литва / Tour virtuel de Varena, Lituanie / ...

Red Bull Tourbus Lithuania 2011 - Varena

Get the scoop on all things music here: The old Red Bull Tourbus from Poland opens its roof for the new talents and young bands now in ...

Yaga Varėna 2009 Lithuania

  • Length: 3:59
  • View Count: 1722
  • Author: seniuta

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