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Arrival - Homestay Pelegong, Negeri Sembilan

Upon arriving at your Homestay destination, you will be ushered, greeted and welcomed by the homestay village community. Welcome to Kampung Pelegong...

Kg Pelegong Homestay 2007 (SKSS)

  • Length: 3:37
  • View Count: 565
  • Author: mommywina

Short clip by my student, nadiah(Sec 3) on the kampung homestay at Kg Pelegong, Negeri Sembilan, March 2007.

Kampung Pelegong KRSS 2008

Homestay Kampung Pelegong 4 June 2008 CIP day..

Kampung Pelegong KRSS 2008

Homestay Kampung Pelegong Negeri 9 2 June 2008- 5 June 2008.

Pelegong Homestay(Malaysia) Slide show -P6

  • Length: 4:1
  • View Count: 706
  • Author: schoolex

This is a malaysia Slide camp in negeri sembilan .i took all the events down in my 3day2night camp events.The photos in here are original. It was damn Fun,a first oversea trip with my classmates. XD.

Minangkabau Cultural Night - Homestay Pelegong, Negeri Sembilan

See the traditional dance of Malay culture at Homestay Pelegong, Negeri Sembilan.

Negeri Sembilan Villagers Performance

Its a performance the villagers from a Negeri Sembilan homestay village in Malaysia called Kampong Pelegong performed for us during the last night of our stay....Please comment and rate about...

Batik painting - Homestay Pelegong, Negeri Sembilan

Batik painting One of the main activities when you visit Homestay Pelegong at Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

skss@kampongPelegong 2007

  • Length: 9:12
  • View Count: 611
  • Author: mommywina

short clip put together during our 3d2n kampong homestay at kg pelegong, negeri sembilan, malaysia.

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