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Wolverhampton Central Youth Theatre represent the UK in Monaco

It's exciting times for Central Youth Theatre who will represent the UK in the 56th International World Festival of Amateur Theatre in Monaco. Twelve members...

Dance of the Dragon - The Unknown Theatre Company

  • Length: 3:23
  • View Count: 1460
  • Author: londavid1

An extract from the opening number of Dance of the Dragon by Matthew Brind and Philip Michell, performed by The Unknown Theatre Company in Monaco at the Worl...

@rihanna with friends in Monaco

  • Length: 0:16
  • View Count: 56577
  • Author: almigorTV

Dance of the Dragon - The Unknown Theatre Company

This was recorded at the World Festival Mondial Theatre 2005 in Monaco. We were selected to represent the U.K. at this event. This is the opening number of D...

Frank Sinatra

Filmography - 1935: Major Bowes Amateur Theater of the Air . 1941: Las Vegas Nights. 1942: Ship Ahoy. 1943: Reveille with Beverly; Show Business at War; Upbe...

15e Festival Mondial du Théâtre en Principauté

Le studio de Monaco organise depuis 1957 le Festival Mondial du Théâtre Amateur, qui se déroule tous les 4 ans en Principauté. Du 19 au 28 août 2013, 48 spec...

6e Festival de Théatre amateur des Escholiers à Annecy

Sites webs/blogs, copiez cette vidéo avec le bouton "Intégrer" ! Si vous voulez télécharger, allez sur . A la salle Pierre Lamy...

Come Dancing '80 Peter Maxwell dancing a Paso Doble solo

  • Length: 2:48
  • View Count: 27669
  • Author: bmwsitgez

1976 World Champion Latin American dancing Peter Maxwell demonstrates a Paso Doble solo with cape. This is a fragment of the BBC series Come Dancing in the e...

WE BANJO 3 - Julie Fitzgerald -The Oliver Plunkett, 35th Cork Folk Festival, Cork,Ireland 03.10.14.

  • Length: 3:57
  • View Count: 310
  • Author: PRAK14

WE BANJO 3 - Julie Fitzgerald -The Oliver Plunkett, 35th Cork Folk Festival, Cork, Ireland 03.10.14. Garry O'Meara was guesting at this gig in place of Marti...

Sonnambula. Bolshoi Theatre. Amina ed Elvino. Duetto

Laura Claycomb as Amina, Colin Lee as Elvino.

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