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Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve - Maasser Cedar Forest, Lebanon

Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in the Chouf District of Lebanon. It is located on the slopes of Barouk mountain and has an area of 550 km2...

The Walbran Valley's "Castle Grove" - Canada's Finest Old-Growth Cedar Forest

Please sign and share our petition at: The endangered Castle Grove is the finest stand of unprotected monumental ancient...

Middle Atlas Enduro Tour: The cedar forest into charcoal

Enduro tour Middle Atlas Enduro Tour Morocco departing from Marrakech

Ancient Cedar Forest, British Columbia

  • Length: 2:16
  • View Count: 259
  • Author: bluenazz

A few clips from a walk through an ancient cedar forest near Prince George, British Columbia. Some of these cedars are over 1000 years old.

The Hidden Life of the Barbary Macaques

This is a video about the Barbary Macaques. It is filmed in the Atlas Cedar forest of Ifrane in the Middle Atlas of Morocco. These macaques are only found in...

Our Next Adventure (retro) - Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary - Mountain biking & horseback

Horseback riding or hiking is ok... but, mountain biking in a wildlife sanctuary is truly incredible! Mlilwane has no predators and no fences. So, you can bi...

Europe's only Non-human Primate! Barbary macaques in Gibraltar

Subscribe now - It's FREE! Hey Everyone, Did yo know that the Barbary macaque is the only species of...

Lone Barasingha walks through dry forest

A lone Barasingha walks through dry forest of Bandipur National Park in Karnataka, India. The barasingha (Rucervus duvaucelii syn. Cervus duvaucelii), also c...

Monkey Forest - Barbary Macaques at Trentham Gardens

Monkey Forest - Barbary macaques at Trentham Gardens Estate In October 2008, Barbary macaques were elevated in status from vulnerable to endangered by the In...

Group of Hanuman langurs in a dry forest of Southern India

Herd of Hanuman langurs inside dry forest of Bandipur National Park, Karnataka, India. Gray langurs or Hanuman langurs, the most widespread langurs of South ...

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