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Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) in the High Atlas, Morocco

A pair of Lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus) observed by Rachid El Khamlichi and Todor Todorov on 20 April 2009 at Oukaïmeden, High Atlas, Morocco. This was wit...

Mountain Biking in the Atlas Mountains - Marrakech 2013

Head camera footage from Aaron Tolley ( filming Redouan Bouaouyd ( 5 hour enduro descent from the High Atlas to the ...

Barbary Ground Squirrels

A few of the squirrels playing in the rocks by the road east of Immouzer in the western High Atlas mountains of Morocco. Note the Atlas Day Gecko that pops u...

Wild trail of Morocco Atlas Mountains Enduro trip

Wild trail of Atlas Mountains Enduro tour Enduro Tour departing Marrakech:

Mountain to Mountain Video Series: High Desert Wildlife

  • Length: 5:30
  • View Count: 840
  • Author: USFWS

"High Desert Wildlife" showcases the outstanding wildlife and stunning scenic beauty of your public lands in the Oregon Outback and northwest Nevada. Take a ...

What's That?! (Animal Atlas)

OMG WHAT's THAT!? The most STRANGE and PECULIAR animals. How many of them can you name?

Life In A Shell (Animal Atlas)

Forever sheltered! Join us on an engaging exploration of the world of tortoises and turtles, the oldest living reptiles. The secrets of the shell; a closer l...

3 Conservation Planning Atlas as Tool to Deliver Vernal Pool Data

  • Length: 17:55
  • View Count: 14
  • Author: VCE14

Conservation Planning Atlas as Tool to Deliver Vernal Pool Data (18 min). BJ Richardson, science applications GIS coordinator for the North Atlantic LCC, int...

Ancient Animals: The Creatures That Time Forgot (Animal Atlas)

We take a look at the animals living today who were around at the time of the dinosaurs, and even BEFORE! We look at how some animals have changed a great de...

This Wild Life - Signing Announcement

Preorder the new album on iTunes and get "Roots and Branches (Meant to Be Alone)" and "History" instantly! Pre-order a physical...

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