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Egyptian Antiquities Head: No Jewish Museum in Egypt Before Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Final phase of work on museum which will house Tutankhamun's mummy

March 18, 2014 - While construction work on the main hall of the Grand Museum of Egypt continues, researchers are already benefiting from improved conservati...

Iranian TV comment on Persian pieces dispayed in Jeruslaem museum

  • Length: 5:45
  • View Count: 1372
  • Author: Agaahi

After a BBC Persian TV report about historical Persian antiquities in Jerusalem museum , the Iranian TV named those pieces as theft by Zionists .

Christie's Bernheimer Denounces Egyptian Museum Looting

Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Max Bernheimer, who runs the antiquities department at Christie's International Plc, discusses objects damaged during a break-in at the...

MAKING OF DESTE PRIZE 2013 at the Museum of Cycladic Art

Created by: Stauros Petropoulos & Vangelis Lainas Music: Something Elated - Broke For Free © Deste Foundation 2013 The DESTE Prize was ...

British Museum Shah Abbas exhibition

Antiquities from all over the world have been gathered to form a major exhibition in London about the life of a seventeenth century Iranian King. Shah Abbas ...

Dana Marniche on the Ethnohistory of the Moors Berbers and true Arabians

  • Length: 175:4
  • View Count: 573
  • Author: LORDABBA9

Dana Reynolds-Marniche is a research specialist with an interest in media and multicultural education. Her academic background is mainly in cultural and phys...

Is it safe to visit Egypt now? .. our client at Egyptian Museum in Tahrir on 25th Nov 2012

  • Length: 0:44
  • View Count: 91
  • Author: Wedjat T Is it safe to visit Egypt now? .. watch our client Sara From the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir on 25th Nov 2012. If you always listen t...

The Moroccan Heavenly Community Oven

Community ovens brought together neighbors around bread and pastries sharing in times of need and better times תנורים קהילתיים היו מקום מפגש וחליפין בין שכני...

Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah

  • Length: 2:13
  • View Count: 44
  • Author: Sofitel

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