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Lisbon Tiles from National Azulejo Museum

Little snippet of what is on offer at the Lisbon Tile Museum - Intro from

Taiwan Ceramics --Yingge Ceramics Museum

  • Length: 7:47
  • View Count: 908
  • Author: 連晨宇

From Website : (more stories on the website) From Website : (more info on the website) 製作團隊:Taiwan News TV(攝影小組)

Poetry in Clay: Exploring Korean Buncheong Ceramics, Japanese Revivals, and Their Significance Today

Related Exhibition: Poetry in Clay: Korean Buncheong Ceramics from Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art April 7-August 14, 2011 Soyoung Lee, Associate Curator, Depar...

Belleek Pottery Museum: Online Exhibition

  • Length: 5:48
  • View Count: 1331
  • Author: CultureNI

CultureNorthernIreland visits Belleek Pottery in Fermanagh to talk with its head of design, Fergus Cleary. Discover how Belleek has evolved to suit the taste...

Fatima Killeen - Moroccan Artist -

Fatima Killeen is a Moroccan artist living in Canberra, Australia. Fatima is a painter and printmaker who has studied at Les Beaux Arts in Casablanca, the Co...

Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo

  • Length: 11:56
  • View Count: 4048
  • Author: hmoushir

The Museum of Islamic Art is considered one of the greatest in the world with its exceptional collection of rare woodwork and plaster, as well as metal, cera...

Reel 9: French Morocco (1951)

1951: Reel 9: French Morocco. July 6-9. Ifrane and Mazagan. [El Jadid]. Village with grass. Woman sweeping yard with branch. Small conical fireplace or kiln....

Romanian traditional art - Romanian pottery

"The Romanians have preserved their national being and their specific civilization and they evolved their own highly original tradition, an ancient tradition...

Museum of Applied Arts

The Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest was the third museum to be built in Europe after fellow institutions in London (1857) and Vienna (1864). In 1872 the H...

2013 Winterhtur Ceramic Conference

A few pictures of Winterthur's Ceramic Conference and also of the Brandywine Museum in early springtime.

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