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[HD] T88TB and T88KH Heading to Capital of Palau: Started at Downtown Koror

Taki T88TB and Harry T88KH were about to starting at downtown Koror on Sep/22/2010, we gotta rent-a-car for heading to the capital buildings at state of Mele...

Driving Koror main street - Palau

Exploring Koror Palau

Our first days in Koror, Palau were spent exploring the town from our wonderful hotel, Rose Garden Resort. We visited the Eptison Museum with Elvis and also ...

2005 Koror and the Rock Islands Palau

  • Length: 11:17
  • View Count: 1278
  • Author: kaviski1

In 2005 I finally got to go to the central Pacific and see many of the WWII invasion beaches that cost the US Marines, US Army and US Navy so dearly. It is i...

Koror Palau 2004

Photos from Ian's group member on myspace.He was the first person to set foot on the Koror Beach,after they left,and scuba dived of the boat used for reward,...

Mingles So Thai Koror Palau September 2013 We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Mingles So Thai courtesy of Eric Kuo, the owner of this restaurant and our hos...

Palau Koror City Guide

Palau Koror City Guide.

Landmark hotel di Palau - Koror

  • Length: 4:48
  • View Count: 1039
  • Author: 3clam3

Il gruppo della Tridacnesub è stato ospite del Landmark hotel a Palau vicino al diving Fisc 'n fins. Per nove giorni i sub hanno gosduto del paesaggio e dell...

Landing at Palau international airport (ROR). Koror. Palau.

Landing at Palau international airport (ROR). Koror. Palau. Feb. 2012.

Koror State Constitution's 25th Anniversary (2008)

This was my dad's copy and every time I watch it my heart melts. I want to share a vignette of Koror's path to an organized republican form of government. Th...

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