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Miss Palau 2000 - Talent (Ngaraard)

Viola Kanai.

Typhoon BOPHA Hits Ngaraard East coast

Typhoon BOPHA Hits Ngaraard East coast.

Miss Palau 2000 - Traditional Attire (Ngaraard)

Miss Viola Kanai.

Miss Palau 2000 - Evening Wear (Ngaraard)

Viola Kanai.


Ngaraard A Klou L' Beluu with/lyrics.

VTS_01_1 Palau Warriors Day of Action

The Young Warriors Group from Ngaraard State showcasing their War Dance...the Dance is all about frustration from foreign countries action causing severe wea...

Palauan Man Found Dead In Babeldaob Compact Road

In the early morning of September 21, a local man was found dead on the compact road between Ngiwal and Ngaraard States, in what police suspects to be a hit-...

Omengat ra ♥Dee♥ in Ngaraard

Video montage ra omengat ra cousin er kemam ra Demailyn Melelm. Mlarngii ra beluu ra Ngebuked, Ngaraard r May 1st, 2010. A mle melai a siasing a tara cousin ...

Palauan Man Obtains Ph.D In Medicine

By Rolynda Jonathan One of Palau's very own has become the latest to achieve a degree in higher education. Singeru Travis Singeo Junior of Ngaraard State rec...

Child Support...By: oLnge..[palauan music]

  • Length: 4:18
  • View Count: 4317
  • Author: Lucille U.

olnge singing child support at a bday party @ Ngaraard..

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