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Omengat Ngaraard

Funny Omengat Dance.

Miss Palau 2000 - Talent (Ngaraard)

Viola Kanai.

Miss Palau 2000 - Traditional Attire (Ngaraard)

Miss Viola Kanai.

Miss Palau 2000 - Evening Wear (Ngaraard)

Viola Kanai.

Palauan Man Found Dead In Babeldaob Compact Road

In the early morning of September 21, a local man was found dead on the compact road between Ngiwal and Ngaraard States, in what police suspects to be a hit-...

Omengat ra ♥Dee♥ in Ngaraard

Video montage ra omengat ra cousin er kemam ra Demailyn Melelm. Mlarngii ra beluu ra Ngebuked, Ngaraard r May 1st, 2010. A mle melai a siasing a tara cousin ...

Omengat Ngaraard 002

Funny Omengat dance.

Palauan Man Obtains Ph.D In Medicine

By Rolynda Jonathan One of Palau's very own has become the latest to achieve a degree in higher education. Singeru Travis Singeo Junior of Ngaraard State rec...

VTS_01_1 Palau Warriors Day of Action

The Young Warriors Group from Ngaraard State showcasing their War Dance...the Dance is all about frustration from foreign countries action causing severe wea...


Ngaraard A Klou L' Beluu with/lyrics.

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