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My adventures to Ngardmau, Palau

  • Length: 10:51
  • View Count: 2516
  • Author: lcw808

This is a video I made from a trip I took to Palau back in June 2011. I had visited my auntie Maria in Ngardmau. During my visit her and another auntie Masae...

Waterfalls in Ngardmau State in Palau

A 30-minute walk down from the Compact Road on a VERY primitive & muddy trail which includes hiking down a steep streambed and across a knee-deep river. More...

07-02-2010 Ngardmau Waterfall, Palau

  • Length: 2:48
  • View Count: 141
  • Author: darllives

A waterfall located an Ngardmau State, Palau. Huge and totally awesome. Quite a hike through blistering heat and humid jungle to get there but as you can see...

Miss Palau 2000 - Talent (Ngardmau)

Sarah Lynn Sugiyama.

Miss Palau 2001 - Traditional Wear (Ngardmau)

Miss Noelani Oidudul Wachi displays her traditional Palauan attire, on behalf of Ngardmau state.

Miss Palau 2000 - Evening Wear (Ngardmau)

Sarah Lynn Sugiyama.

Miss Palau 2000 - Traditional Attire (Ngardmau)

Miss Sarah Lynn Sugiyama.

Miss Palau 2001 - Talent (Ngardmau)

Miss Noelani Oidudul Wachi sings.

Ngardmau waterfall, Palau

  • Length: 0:19
  • View Count: 1739
  • Author: jeffcgay

the reward for a 40 minute hike.

Palau Adventure Part 3

Part 3 of Leia's trip. This segment includes a visit to the Ngardmau waterfall, the stone monoliths in Ngarchelong, and a bai at the Belau National Museum. A...

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