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Added: Aug 30, 2007

From: SvetaNYC

Duration: 0:42

Arrival of a plane to Manu

Channel: Travel

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Mike Rembis Says:

Dec 2, 2007 - Been there. Done that.

trademark1874 Says:

Jan 7, 2010 - Been there too, took it over the andes from Cusco with a stationcar, to Atalaya. And From Atalaya ti Boca manu by Canoe. But No planes was leaving in the wet season!! So we continued to Puerto Colorado, and was close to an fatal accident on River Madre de dios!! Good times though..

Zykotz Says:

Jan 25, 2010 - Por todos los dioses, que controlen el turismo en la amazonía o será todo un desastre, la supervivencia de la amazonía está por encima de todo, hasta de nosotros mismos.

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