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Added: Jun 5, 2010

From: hhofuelgasoline

Duration: 3:23 Here's what the laws of thermodynamics tell you. Back to the 10 BTUs of energy we liberated for the water car; it would have taken well more than 10 BTUs to produce the metal hydride required for that reaction. (Note that they may not be using metal hydrides; there are other compounds that react with water to liberate hydrogen. Again, none occur naturally on earth in the reactive form, and all require significant energy inputs to produce). So, the moral is: Sometimes it appears that the lunch is free, but the bill eventually comes anyway -- when you have to replenish the catalyst. (Note: As others have correctly pointed out, the proper term here would be reagent instead of catalyst since it is almost certainly undergoing a transformation from one compound to another. I merely used the term Genepax used to describe the system.) Solomon Islands, Honiara Springfield, Missouri Wangaratta, Victoria Redcliffe, Queensland Swaziland, Mbabane Paterson, New Jersey South Africa Waterbury, Connecticut Somalia, Mogadishu Ar Rafa'ah, United Arab Emirates, Ar Rafa'ah, UAE

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Aug 16, 2013 - ok.Where can i get these kits and how much would a kit cost and can i get more details please?

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